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"He knew he was born a farmer
- but would die a martial artist" Transmedia Project: Documentary, Web Series, Comic Book, Blog

2016 Urban Nomad Film Fest
2015 Selection STIFF
2015 Selection WebSeries Festival
2015 SaMo Indie Fest
2015 Frack Fest
2015 Pineapple
2015 South Taiwan Selection

The feature-length documentary tells the story of Peng Wu-Chi and his journey from a farmer’s son to one of the best martial artists in the world. Inspiring, touching, true.

The web series follows Peng on his journey to spread the word about martial art. Unique – and maybe a little weird.

Tumblr Blog

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6th of May HBD

worldwide available

3 years, 8 months ago

Blog with news, additional background information and complementary footage including the "64 hidden speeches" referred to in the documentary. Enjoy it.

The comic book includes previously unreleased comic drafts about the raising of Peng Wu-Chi and presents the "8 steps of martial art personality development" - which are referred to in the documentary.